Festival - Tomar Living Statues



History Told Through Women


Having the Old Town Centre as its setting, this Living Statues' Festival focuses on the Portuguese History and popular lore.

Beginning on Saturday, 8th of September, with the theme "History Told Through Women". Thirty artists will enact 15 moments of the Portuguese History staring great women. Travelling through time to the sound of music from the different eras - from the birth of the nation to the 20th century.

On Sunday, twenty five artists from different international backgrounds present their best performances on a subject of their choosing on "Living Statues - Art on the Streets" - a mix of original premieres and previous award-winners from other national and renowned international European Festivals.

During the two days of the event, the audience will vote on the three winners for both "History Told Through Women" and "Living Statues - Art in the Streets".

At 8.00pm on Sunday, the results will be divulged and the prizes delivered to the winners of the 6th Tomar Living Statues' Festival.

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